Point of Care

POC (Point-of-Care) is the solution of H&S, medical certified, to perform complex exams either at home or in the control places (hospitals, pharmacies, town halls, barracks, health residences, ambulances)
The POC objective is provide a mobile control instrument that allows healthcare personal to operate in mobility, creating a first contact with the doctors without the need to go to the hospital.

The solution consists in the provision of a kit and a medical software platform to different professionals, which provides them with the conditions to be able to carry out the examinations, and through the automatic transfer, in real time allows the visualization and notification of the results. For example, it is possible to make an assessment for a dermatoscopic examination in a clinic and allow complete reporting by a dermatologist who operates thousands of miles.

The types of assistance that can be controlled by the following solution are:
• Patients who need to carry out controls
• Work Medicine
• Sports Medicine
• Chronic patients (diabetes, COPD, CHF, asthma)
• Patients who have experienced something acute (stroke, myocardial infarction, heart surgery, etc...)
• Patients at home to avoid hospital burden

• Holter pressure index
• Cardiac Holter
• ECG (12 leads)
• TAO monitoring (oral anticoagulant therapy)
• Spirometry
• Pulse oximetry (% of oxygen saturation)
• Eye exam
• Eye fund
• Dermoscopy analysis
• Pressure
• Weight
• BMI (body mass index)
• Body temperature
• Glycemic index
• Pharyngeal swabs
• Allergy and intolerance test
• Blood test by capillary withdrawal